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Ajilon Electronic Conveyancing Project Makes e-Awards Finals

Date: July 8, 2013

Date: 2008-05-23
Source: Ajilon

Earlier this month, Ajilon’s Electronic Conveyancing (EC) team celebrated the news that their Land Exchange (LX) project for Victoria’s Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) had been named as a finalist in the national e-Awards.

The Federal Government created the e-Award for Excellence in e-Government in 2006 to promote excellence in the use of information and communications technology across all levels of Australian Government.

Ajilon’s Rick Dixon, Project Manager of the EC System, said the e-Awards showcase the best in ICT innovation within the public sector.

“They’re really a way of highlighting the benefits of e-Government projects and the positive impacts they’re bringing about for members of the Australian public and business community,” he said.

“Ajilon’s been partnering with the DSE since 2002 as its primary management consultancy on the LX project, so we were pretty happy when the Victorian Government submitted LX into the 2008 e-Awards. Then we found out early May that LX had made it to the finals. It’s been a real coup for our team, and obviously the exposure has been great for Ajilon’s brand too.”

Along with Rick, Ajilon’s EC team includes James Walker, General Manager of LX, Ian Brenner, EC Release Manager and PMO Manager and consultants Sophie Benkemoun, Patricia Santo Domingo, Anna-Marie Eagleton, Michael McLean and Brent Fuller.

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Victoria Electronic Conveyancing Project Team

(L-R) Pauline Barrow (Australian Institute of Conveyancers Vice President), Rick Dixon, Jill Ludwell (Australian Institute of Conveyancers President) and Gayle Nancarrow (seated – the participating conveyancer representing the vendor) look at the details of an online property transfer transaction on LX


Jim Walker (fourth from left), General Manager of LX, and Rick Dixon (second from left), Project Manager of the EC System, with other e-Award finalists on the night.

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