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Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC) Awaits Conveyancing Reform

Date: July 8, 2013

Author: Pauline Barrow CPC
Date: 2006-07-13

Pauline Barrow, Victorian President and National Vice President of the AIC awaits the Government’s response to legislation proposed for the Conveyancing profession.

In January this year, the Victorian Government announced sweeping changes which would free Conveyancers from the shackles of Lawyers and would allow Victorian Conveyancers to compete on a level playing field with Lawyers as does occur in other parts of Australia.

A Supreme Court trial initiated by the Law Institute of Victoria last September, was the last bastian of defence by Lawyers to retain their monopoly of legal work in this state. Despite this trial which has now dragged on for nearly a year to the detriment of the Conveyancer at the heart of the matter, no judgement has been handed down and Conveyancers are no further ahead in being confident of being able to run their practices with certainty whilst legislation protecting Conveyancers and Consumers is not enacted in Parliament at the earliest possible time.

The AIC support the government’s initiatives and recommendations for these sweeping changes which would give a balanced view between cost effective reform for Conveyancers and consumer protection and at the same time will enhance important projects like electronic conveyancing to be trialled in this State within the next couple of months.

I urge the Government not to delay this responsible legislation any longer to the detriment of Victorians, the Conveyancing Profession and Victoria’s major projects.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Are all conveyancers (CPCs) the same?
Answer: No. As with any profession or trade each individual will be different. Some CPCs are self-employed and some work in small business or in large conveyancing firms. Some will offer a wider range of services than others and they will all have their own set of fees and business practices.

If you use a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers then you know that the conveyancer (CPC) you have chosen has undertaken specialist training, participates in a compulsory professional development program, holds professional indemnity insurance for your protection and will offer professional service and advice.

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